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Monday 26 July 2010

In the hood: Red Riding goodies

In my excitement about capes last week, I'd forgotten one of my favourite cape wearing heroines until Siany reminded me about her - Little Red Riding Hood. In the fantasy world where Cinderella's meringue ball dresses are considered the height of fashion, little miss Little Red is surely the best dressed fairy tale icon. So, in her honour, here are some hoodie goodies.

The story is given an update in this Little Red screen print by Yorkshire illustrator Lisa Stubbs. Check out Red Riding Hood's zip-up number with its starry print and 'Grandma Rocks' badge. The Wolf meanwhile looks suitably shifty in his kipper tie. The print costs $33 through Etsy.

Fun for kids and adults alike in this fridge magnet set available from Couverture for £12. It even comes in a fridge shaped tin. Invest in one of these to keep the wolf from your (fridge) door.

Finally, your grandma would approve of this What big teeth you have necklace. It features a charming vintage illustration from the story, set into a brass frame. There's even a Red Riding charm attached too. This costs $32 from Pontefract based Penny Masquerade, again through Etsy. Just add cape, basket and you're hood to go...

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