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Tuesday 27 July 2010

What A Hoot: Wise Owl Cushions

Gah. I have to say I love a good cushion. Yet even more so, I love a fabulous owl cushion. I feel wiser just for knowing these are in existence.

These are 34 x 33 cm, just big enough for maximum enjoyment whilst cuddling, and they also have a removable cotton cover to keep them in peak condition (ie you can hand wash last night’s dinner off, that *ahem* got there while your plate was precariously perched as your poured yourself some wine)

I happened to discover these whilst shopping at that delightful time when you are waiting-for-your-partner-to-do-some-man-thing-in-the-phone-shop-but-there-are-ALWAYS-queues-in-the-phone-shop-so-five-minutes-actually-means-twenty.

So in that incredibly peaceful frame of mind, this cushion called to me. It said “Coooorl. Buy me, and you will be wise. Cooorl. You will never wait again. Cooooooorl”

At £16 each from Flutterbyes, I actually feel duty bound to heed those words.


  1. Dammit, I keep seeing these around (in two shops I regularly walk past) and I WANT ONE! I am just not convinced the boyfriend would agree. Apparently we have too many cushions as it is. Perhaps I could claim it's a friend for the cat?

  2. Thank you thank you thank you Sam. I've been feeling so down as my 30-something birthday approaches, but you've lifted my spirits no end. I'm the person who always precariously perches said dinner whilst pouring wine and it's good to know i'm not alone. Thanks again :D

  3. Wow.. I blogged about these cushions 3 months ago only from Urban Outfitters where they are £24!!! Good to know they're available cheaper elsewhere!!

  4. ooooooh.... do they export to OZ ???... am loving the owls... !!

  5. wisdom is in the lap of the beholder!!!!!!!!
    a cush to cuddle even as you pour the plonk.

  6. I luuurrrrve them! Good find el Sammo xxx


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