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Thursday 8 July 2010

A fetching etch: unshakeable etch necklace from Helpless Romantic

I'm sure most people got their first taste of their limitless/limited creative potential while playing around on an Etch-a-sketch. You spent hours carefully manipulating those two plastic dials to create a life-like depiction of a bowl of fruit using only a single line ... or you'd end up with something that looked like a whole lot of nothing, which you'd knock by accident and have to start all over again. Good news! You can relive the glory of those artistic years all over again with this unshakeable etch necklace.

Draw a picture in the style of an Etch-a-sketch image (though this time you're allowed to use a pen) and send a jpeg of it to the lovely people at Helpless Romantic. They recreate it on an Etch-a-sketch lookalike necklace so it can be kept forever. Yep, forever. You won't even lose your piece of art should someone chose to turn you upside down and give you a good shake.

Though the quality of your drawing will no doubt be priceless, the necklace costs £28.

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