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Friday 16 July 2010

Moth print homewares at Timorous Beasties

Moths are not normally welcome in our homes. I've just had to learn this the hard way, having played host to a crop of the clothes-loving sort, which quickly developed a designer habit and set to work destroying my most treasured fabrics! Most unimpressed was I. But surreal and wonderful homeware store Timorous Beasties is here to help us learn to love the moth, and appreciate its beauty in the form of these pretty textiles.

Describes as being like 'William Morris on Acid', Timorous Beasties specialises in making something beautiful of creepy crawlies. Shown above is the white all-over moth cushion, and below is the Digital Moth lampshade. The prints serve as a good reminder that the moth is closely related to the butterfly: an insect we're quite used to celebrating in design!

The moth illustrations are quirky, detailed and would bring a stylish touch of nature into the home. I still don't want them in my wardrobe though...

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