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Friday 16 July 2010

Sexy Storage: Wirehouse Magazine Rack

We don't know many women who don't love their magazines. Whatever the subject, from fashion to photography, books to basset hounds and crochet to Kerry Katona, chances are your local newsagent will have an entire rainforest's worth of glossy pages catering to your every interest. But, keeping them neat and tidy so that they don't end up in a messy pile next to the toilet or flung unceremoniously into the recyling bin by your exasperated other half after they slip on that latest issue and nearly fall down the stairs can be a challenge.

Which is why I've decided I must have this wire house magazine rack. It's practical and neutral in colour, but the design and shape stop it from being too boring and purely functional. And it's only £38, by Invotis Orange for Lifestylebazaar.

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