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Tuesday 3 April 2012

Salt and pepper badgers

Badgers! Badgers on my dinner table! You know what this badger cruet set from the V&A means? You're one step closer to recreating The Animals of Farthing Wood while you eat your cheese on toast. You didn't even know you wanted to do that, did you? Here's a little reminder of how good it was:

This is a perfectly good reason to buy badgers, isn't it? They're £16 and you could also make them have badger fights. That's another very good reason. Especially if you make one them hide behind the ketchup. They're clever, badgers are. They're stealthy.

Oh, and you can use them as a salt and pepper set if you really must. Jeez, why are you trying to ruin all the fun?


  1. Aww... lovely! Do you remember the Brambly Hedge stories too? We still have some videos - great that I can now show them to my little nieces!
    The badgers are great - I'd be very tempted, were it not that someone bought me a pair of Guinea Pig cruets last year! Squeaky Salt and Purry Pepper... "Wheeeet!"

    1. Oh that's adorable. I don't remember Brambly Hedge, was it as good as Farthing Wood?

  2. I would expect the salt and pepper to come out of their noses... :-/ (snouts?!)
    I LOVE them though.


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