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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Vampires Beware: Garlic Goodies from The Garlic Farm

Until today, I thought I knew everything there was to know about garlic. I mean, I'm Italian: no further questions, your honour.

Then I heard of The Garlic Farm, and they sent me some very garlicky treats that blew my mind.

The first was some chunky Vampire Relish: spicy tomato salsa infused with mouth-filling garlic flavours. It's actually rather delicious and has a devilish kick to it - tasty with tortilla chips but also smothered on some sausages. I probably wouldn't serve it as a party nibble in case the scent of our combined breath became too offensive, but that's not such a bad thing - all the more for me. It's £3.50 a jar.

Second - and one that took a little longer to get my head around - was some garlic beer. The instant I popped off the crown cap I felt like I had fallen into some kind of garlic coma and started worrying I'd hallucinate magic dancing garlic men, but once you get used to the pungent aromas and pour it into a glass it gets interesting.

Not being the biggest beer-drinker, I sampled this bottle with the nearest man I could find, and we soon found that as long as you don't sniff too much as you knock back a mouthful of the stuff, the whole thing blends together quite intriguingly. The quality of the beer is pretty smashing once you get used to its quirkiness.

I can imagine if I was eating some garlicky pasta or a wintery dish then a small glass of this would float my boat, but I must admit I can't exactly envision sipping this in a pub garden. It's £3.50 a bottle and well worth a try.


  1. I'd be more inclined to cook with the beer - throw a bit of it in a steak pie, drink the rest. Instant beery seasoning!

  2. I did think about creating some kind of garlic beer batter...

  3. I went to the Garlic Farm on birthday last year the restaurant there looks amazing. But we also tried the garlic beer and thought it was foul. I guess the fact I don't like beer didn't help either...

  4. The Garlic Farm is fab! You must try try the Cheeky Monkey, which is like a banana chutney that is amazing with curry or just gobbled up with some tortilla chips.
    The restaurant is also really good, so much so that when my hubby (the world's pickiest eater) and I visited the Isle of Wight we went there for lunch a couple of times and both loved it.
    Makes me wish I was back living in the UK and had access to all these yummy things :( *sigh*

  5. I love cooking with the garlic beer,it makes a particularly good steak and ale pie! The garlic Farm also make the most ridiculously addictive garlic and horseradish creamy mayo, total chip heaven!


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