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Thursday 2 August 2012

A Domestic Sluttery Screening: The NeverEnding Story, Prince Charles Cinema, September 25th

When you ask The Domestic Sluts what their favourite childhood films are, the list is long. Obviously Labyrinth gets a mention, The Karate Kid is up there, despite the fact when we watch it back now it's actually a bit rubbish and realise that the one with Hilary Swank was loads better. War Games! Oh, we love War Games. We're 80s children and we adore all of those films. But there's one that tops them all.

The NeverEnding Story.

Join Domestic Sluttery at London's Prince Charles Cinema for a very special screening of The NeverEnding Story on September 25th at 8pm.

Not seen the film? Gosh, you're in for a treat. Bastian is away running from some school bullies and he finds a strange shop and an even stranger book (which he then steals, shoplifting ain't cool kids). He discovers a land called Fantasia which needs a hero to save it from destruction, and it's possible that he's somehow connected with the book and Fantasia. There's a unicorn, a swamp of sadness, a very fun little fox and even a sad princess. You can't have a fantasty film without a sad princess.  We're absolutely nuts about Bastian (cutest kid ever) and adore Falkor the luck dragon (you can follow him on Twitter). We may have even had a bit of a girl crush on Atreyu. Shush. Don't pretend that you didn't.

Obviously because this is a Domestic Sluttery event, we're going to have lots of surprises. Expect Fantasia-inspired silliness and perhaps even a Bastian cocktail. But for now, head over to the Prince Charles Cinema booking page to buy your tickets. They're just £10 or £7.50 if you're a member. You should definitely become a member, on the basis of their Good Bad Movie Club alone.

We absolutely can't wait. See you there!


  1. I can't stop singing the theme tune now. Love this film!

  2. We've been asked to hand out tissues, because of the bit with the swamp.

  3. Damn living all the way over in Bristol, a DS event my boyfriend would also want to join in on!

  4. Ha! Just thought about Karate Kid as The Glory of Love was on the radio. Oh the 80s.


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