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Friday 3 August 2012

Awesome things to do this weekend

Have you got Olympic tickets yet? (We heartily recommend the beach volleyball, and anything at Horse Guards Parade - that venue is a touristy little treat.) Apparently we're not allowed to only watch sports all weekend (WHY THE HELL NOT?) so here's a little round up of what other brilliant things are going on around the country this weekend.


Nottingham: Living in Silk. This exhibition explores the last 5000 years of silk production in China, with garments and accessories on loan from the Chinese National Silk Museum. The exhibition is at Nottingham Castle, but it finishes this weekend so you've only got a couple more days to catch it.

Brighton: The Beautiful and the Damned. The Brighton Ballroom is going all out tonight with their secretive supper club. On one hand we might feel that supper clubs have had their moment in the spotlight, we've heard good things about this one. Tickets start at £2.50 (!) and go up to £32 if you fancy having dinner. Expect participation and dancing. Two of our favourite things.

Coventry: Archery. After watching the archery this week and realising that those bow and arrows are kick-ass, we'd like to have a go ourselves (it's also the only sport we have a chance of getting an Olympic medal in - our running days are well past us). The Adventure Centre in Coventry is going taste classes for just £3. They start at 7:30.


London: The Illegal Late Night Cocktail Bar. It turns out that there's nothing illegal about this pop-up cocktail bar, but for one evening some of London's best and most flirtatious cocktail shakers are hijacking an east London art gallery for brilliant fun and games all night. That's the (legal) kind of fun that we like.

Birmingham: Egyptian Study Day. No, we're not usually up for studying at the weekend, but we like old Egyptian artefacts and we quite like buffets. This Egyptian study day at the Birmingham Museums is aimed at the enthusiastic amateur (us) puts both of those things together. The day costs £33 and you get to fill your face with sandwiches and facts. And you're allowed to play with the artefacts without getting told off.

Bristol: Redfest Community Festival. We really like little music festivals. The kind where you might stumble upon an awesome band without really having to go very far. While eating posh gourmet burgers, drinking expensive cider from a plastic glass and lounging about in the sun. If you're in Bristol, head to Redfest and do just that. Looks like most of the music action is happening on the Saturday.


Edinburgh: Bourgeois & Maurice, Sugartits. We saw their preview show in Soho, we can't recommend them highly enough. We'd probably get violent if it meant we got tickets before you. Whatever you do at the Edinburgh Fringe, don't let this show sell out without you being sat in the front row with a glass of gin.

York: Medieval Market. Fancy a stroll around historic Barley Hall while drinking flagons of ale and mead? Yep, us too. Sundays are brilliant for history and tasty things and this event is perfect. Barley Hall was once hidden under a derelict office block, and we really want to have a nose around.

Aberdeen: Handpicked Highlights. Exhibitions that have a very loose theme suit us rather well and this one seems to be themed around 'really bloody cool stuff'. And there's a penguin brooch. That's a good enough theme for us.

What are you up to this weekend? Share your fabulous plans with us!


  1. Oh I love supper clubs. The Brick House in Brick Lane is a real treasure. The last time I went they had a Freddie Mercury impersonator on the trapeze..surreal...and a stripper dressed in a monster costume...quite disturbing.

  2. All of these things look like fun!
    Although I plan to do some Bollywood dancing at this: tomorrow.
    Then go and catch up with one of my university friends in Wales in the evening.


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