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Monday 6 August 2012

Etsy Pick: Cheryl Sorg

I tend to have issues with personalised artwork. It tends to fall into the Moonpig category, doesn't it? There's nothing particularly special and personal about a template that's used over and over again with a simple name change.

And then there's Cheryl Sorg.

Sorg's personalisation is twofold. First she takes an image of your thumbprint (no one else has your thumbprint, after all) and then she uses little bits of everything you love to create your own individual artwork.

Her book and word designs are my favourite. Tiny pieces of text, snippets of poetry, quotations from your favourite novel characters. You could go all out and have a gorgeous Austen design, or choose your favourite Shakespeare plays.

Each piece of work takes around 2 weeks to produce, and they're about three foot high - this is a huge undertaking, but one with fantastic results.

Of course something like this doesn't come cheap - the book designs are around £400 and about £20 to get shipped from the US. I honestly think it's worth every penny. I'd buy this for a really special birthday (hey everyone I know, it's my 30th soon). The creation and collaboration is part of the fun so if you do buy the artwork for someone else they get a gift set with an ink pad so they can start planning their design. And you get to make finger paintings while you wait for your artwork to be ready.

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