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Thursday 9 August 2012

Gillian Kyle Aprons

After lifting the electric whisk out of a bowl of egg whites, beaters still running, I've decided that it's time to get myself an apron. Maybe I need two, then I have have a spare the next time I cover myself head-to-toe in egg whites or cake batter or soup. Or, maybe I need to learn how to use electric whisks and stick blenders properly!

I'm a big fan of Gillian Kyle's designs (I'm currently drinking tea from a Tunnocks Teacake design mug) and I especially love her apron designs. We've already shared her Glasgow Breakfast apron, but there's so much more to her range. All of her aprons are made in the UK by a small family business, so their quality is guaranteed.

Who doesn't love Caramel Wafers? (Ok, so I have to buy the freefrom version from Asda, but the sentiment is still there.) This Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Wrapper apron is pretty special, much like the biscuit it's a tribute to. If Caramel Wafers aren't your thing, then the Teacake Wrapper apron at the top of the page might suit you instead.

Creamola Foam is a proper blast-from-the-past (do they still make it? I loved that stuff). If you want a truly nostalgic apron, then this pink and blue number would definitely do the job. We take no responsibility for the Creamola Foam cravings that you have every time you wear it, though.

After Siany's unprovoked attack on oatcakes last week, I'm fighting back with this Victorian Oatcakes apron. I can see myself mixing up a batch of homemade oatcakes with this on. Maybe Siany should look closely at the label here and try the instruction; "Before using - heat them, and they are much improved".

All aprons are £17.95 - or £20.45 with a gift card - and they're available at Gillian Kyle's online shop and at select stockists throughout Scoland and the rest of the UK, including most Glasgow museums gift shops. They also do gift wrapping and my birthday's next week... Just saying...


  1. You can get creamola foam (it's now called kramola fizz) from We used it with vodka to make fizzing cocktails!

    1. I'm going there right now! Thank you.
      (love the cocktail idea, by the way)

  2. Love these! I have a Tunnocks canvas tote bag...the print is all shiny! Not sure I could choose between a tea cake and a caramel though. And you can't make me.


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