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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Luscious Lingerie: Life's Not Fair But My Knickers Are

Ethical lingerie is having a bit of a moment. Perhaps because it's often made in smaller batches (and indeed, smaller swatches), so it's easier to keep costs low and quality high. That doesn't always mean it's cheap but the price bracket doesn't have to be extortionate. Lingerie brand Life's Not Fair But My Knickers Are are leading the way when it comes to Fair Trade and organic underwear that don't cost the earth while caring about it.

Ethical lingerie website Saumarez have their range in stock. This is the Fairly Dotty range. I like that description. Not mega dotty, just a bit dotty. Some of the vest tops are in the sale and down to a fiver. Also, I like her socks.

This range is Fairly Floral and it is indeed fairly floral. Excellent prices, too. This range starts at £12.

Some of the Butterfly Fair range is on the sale as well. They're all made with 95% Fair Trade certified cotton.

It looks like I discovered Life's Not Fair But My Knickers Air just at the very end of their sale, so I'm hoping that means they're getting some new stock in soon. Saumarez are also really worth a browse - they've got a gorgeous range (include Ayten Gasson - one of my favourite lingerie brands) and they're having a bit of a sale as well. Time to get yourself some bargain ethical smalls.


  1. Yikes. Her arms and legs seem soooo skinny in the first picture.

    1. I think it's just the strange angle, rather than her being super super skinny.


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