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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Northumberland Nettle Cheese

Last week Siany waxed lyrical about what makes a perfect cheeseboard. Cor blimey, it was a good guide, and one piece of advice in particular caught my eye: when choosing your board, you should always pick a cheese you've never heard of/ tried.

Ah yes, many a favourite has been discovered by this method, and I now pride myself - and my cheeseboard - as being up for anything you decide to bring to the table.

I'm quite a fan of cheese with stuff in it. Apricots, chilli, chives - you name it, and now I'm dead set on the next 'mystery cheese' to grace my board: nettle cheeseThe delicious Northumberland Cheese Company have come up with this corker: creamy Northumberland Original infused with fresh nettley goodness.

The Northumberland Cheese Company measure their cheese by the wedge, which I adore. Wedge is the best word to use when describing how much cheese you want. 

Anyway, a 115g wedge is £3.10 and a 300g wedge is £7.10: that's nettle cheese that doesn't sting you too much. OH LOOK I MADE A FUNNY. Ahem, anyway, I'll stop now...


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