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Thursday 9 August 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: And Mary

Earlier in the week, I mentioned the relaunch of Something... and featured a gorgeous goat ring. That ring was from a design company called And Mary and they've got so many other delectable pieces of bling that they deserved a piece dedicated to them.

I love key jewellery, probably more than I should. These actually spell out 'I Love You' which is waaaaaay too twee for me. But there are some simple key necklaces as well. I like this one:

The single keys are £12, the bunch of twee caretaker keys is £18.

I do really want a giraffe around my neck (because I am a right-minded human being). That bow is coming off, though. He's £18.

Or maybe I'd like a leopard. Not sure that I could wear this without going 'ROOOOOOAAAAAARRRR' at people, though. Maybe I'm not that right thinking, after all.

Would it be overkill to get the Dalmation necklace as well? Maybe wear them all at once? Yes. But I still want to.


  1. The single key I like, the others...WHAT???!??!! ;)

    1. They remind me of the little menagerie ornaments that my nan used to have. I really like them.

    2. Hmmm, well, I suppose as the girl with a soft spot for wooden-effect wedge shoes, I'm no one to talk about weird not being wonderful.

  2. For someone who lives with a janitor, the bunch of keys has no appeal whatsoever! I like the animals though, wish I'd kept the menagerie my neighbours gave us when we were kids, could've made my own!


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