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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Shop in the spotlight: Red Candy

This is such a simple idea for a shop that quite frankly, I'm surprised I've not seen it done before. Basically, Red Candy specialises in selling things that are red. Yep, that simple. Genius isn't it? I happen to love a splash of red around the place. But I'm not sure how I feel about entirely red glasses. They seem a bit too dramatic for my humdrum life. Much better suited though are these Ania tumblers. The pattern is has a lovely, almost Scandi feel to it and they'd look good at the height of summer (I'm sure that still exists) or at Christmas. They're currently £13.50 for a set of four.

Most of the red I have is in the kitchen. I need to add this Omada bread bin to my collection. The lid is also a bread board which is rather handy. I like things that are multi-functional. It's currently £33.60.

Even less conspicuous, if red ever can be inconspicuous, is this clock by Karlsson. It's like a cooler version of the clocks you find in school classrooms.
The urgency of the red might make me get things done faster. It's the clock equivalent of a red Batphone. I like the idea of a Batclock. Anyway, it's currently £30.40.

Now we just need shops to specialise in all the other colours of the rainbow. I'd like a yellow shop next please!


  1. There's a purple one, so that's two colours covered!

  2. And there's Be Golden - a shop for all things gold!


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