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Wednesday 3 February 2010

Almost Easter: Blue Bunny Egg Cosy

Now, I know it might seem like Easter's still a while away, but to me, any holiday which involves excuses eating copious amounts of chocolate should be eagerly awaited in drooling anticipation months before it arrives.

However, not wishing to seem like a choc-obsessed glutton, frothing at the mouth every time I go to the supermarket and being tempted to buy its entire annual stock of Lindt Lindor bunnies, I thought I'd investigate some other rabbit-based options for those wanting to ease themselves into the Easter festivities.

And I was rather taken by this weird, whimsical but also wonderful woolly egg cosy, from the Dotcomgiftshop. Perfect for anyone with kids or young siblings (or just juvenile householders like me), it's a cute and quirky nod to Easter, but without being so obvious that you'd feel daft using to keep your boiled egg toasty at any other time of year. And it's only £1.95, although the £3.95 price tag for delivery might mean you want to bagsy some other bits and bobs whilst you're at it. Luckily, that won't be too hard with their ravishing range of homewares. Just don't blame us if you spend all your pennies and can't afford any Easter eggs. I don't share my Lindor bunnies with anyone, no matter how sad their sob story.

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