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Monday 8 February 2010

Fancy Flower Power at Next

This is such a beautiful bedspread. Now it's creeping into spring, florals are going to be everywhere. But this floral duvet cover from Next Home doesn't look tired and boring. It's really pretty and will brighten up any room. It's only £25 for a double set, which means that you can afford some of those fancy rose cushions. I'm having a bit of a duvet day today. I wish I was all curled up in this.


  1. It is lovely, but perhaps not with black cats that like nothing better than to snuggle up of a night...
    Cute cushions too - maybe... (and I'm not a cushion kind of woman).

  2. I really like that. And the rose cushions are uh-mazing. Maybe I could just get those. It would go with my black and white room too. Yeah, my room is black and white. Who would've thunk it.

  3. Love the gorgeous color combo used here! Want it!


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