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Thursday 4 February 2010

Boy-friendly Valentine's Day Cards

Buying a decent Valentine's Day card for the boy in your life can be a bit tricky. Soppiness, love hearts and sparkles are best avoided, and then there's the whole 'L' word debacle. Fortunately if you give Clinton's a miss, there are plenty of imaginative, fun and boy-friendly Valentine's Day cards available online.

This 'Wild Thing' card (£2.90) from Her Little Place will make any boy giggle. Because all boys like songs with guitar-y bits, right?

Yes, the 'You're Just My Type' card (£2.70) from Nancy & Betty does have a bit of pink on it. But look! A pun!

The 'You're My Favourite' card (£2.50) is perfect for anyone sending anonymous cards (even if it is a bit Sweet Valley High) - the lovely people at Lazy Oaf will hand write a custom message on your behalf.


  1. Well done ladies, this is something that baffles me every year, you sorted that for me.

    My Wild Thing will love his card.

  2. I've already got the 'I love you more than mix tapes' one, from nancy & betty. It's so CUTE x

  3. Have you seen the 'popping' cards from When the recipient opens the card, a pair of mini boxes hidden inside spring out straight towards them. I hope my husband likes the Robot Valentine card I've got for him.


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