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Wednesday 17 February 2010

A little bow-legged

These bow pattern tights from Dorothy Perkins just popped into our Twitter stream. And they're so very pretty. I tend to wear bright colours and patterns so shy away from patterned tights. But I must have these. They're too adorable not to. They're sheer, so you won't be roasting on a spring day when the sun inevitably comes out when you're dressed for colder weather (why? why does that always happen?) These are £8, and there's some with a heart pattern on them for £6. Just sheer prettiness.


  1. I love them but having a bit of a fashion glitch at the mo, can anyone advise what to wear with them?
    I don't get the opportunity to wear tight pencil skirts and sky high court heel, which is what I first pictured them with.

    *note to self: change occupation just so you can wear gorgeous tights.*

  2. On second thoughts maybe not a pencil skirt. I watched Secretary recently and it may have gone to my head!

  3. Yep, something very smart would look great with this. Black pencil skirt and a stunning white blouse would work perfectly.


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