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Monday 8 February 2010

Blooming lovely: Bluebell Gray's cushions

Following on from Next's flower power, here's another sign of spring being on its way, courtesy of Bluebell Gray. Their gorgeous designs are a true antidote to the winter doldrums. Just take a sneaky peek at their Meadow wall hanging. It makes my spirits lift but at £450 is well and truly out of my price range. Instead I'm going to content myself by glutting on their amazing cushions:

Each cushion is based on a hand-painted watercolour and so is a little work of art in itself. They're produced in limited quantities to add to the exclusivity factor. This one is called Poppy and makes me think of the countryside and butterflies and all kind of loveliness. It costs £65 which is a little on the pricey side but, considering the price of some other cushions, it's not too bad at all really.
Untitled Two is even named like a work of art. If you're not so keen on flowers, the design on this one is a bit less obvious and you still get the luscious colours. This cushion is slightly smaller and slightly cheaper too at £55. In my dream world, I'd recline on it while wearing something like this.
The design is beautiful but I'm not so sure if the pom poms on this Sunflower cushion are a girly step too far. What do you reckon? If you agree, you'll be pleased to hear it's available without them too.

Excitingly, Bluebell Gray eventually plan to produce prints too which I hope will be every bit as swoonsome: they're definitely a company to watch grow.


  1. It's beautiful but sooooo expensive!

  2. We might need to do a poll on how much is too much for a cushion. So many cushions, all so varied in price...

  3. LOVE the cushion with pom poms sadly its to high for my budget... well a girl can dream!


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