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Tuesday 9 February 2010

Folksy Find: Driftwood Lamp

This one-of-a-kind driftwood lamp, by Ultimate Drifter on Folksy, has got me fantasising about being by the seaside. Perhaps in an abandoned cottage somewhere desolate, with a four-poster bed, some handsome company, cocoa, knitted blankets and a crackling fire. Fitted with a colour-changing, eco-friendly bulb, this lamp would fit perfectly amongst natural textiles, white cotton curtains and scrubbed pine furniture.

For a full-on beach-inspired design scheme, you could combine it with nautical accessories, bleached-wood mirror and picture frames, and lots of other treasures from one of our favourite shops, Buy The Sea.

Sadly, they don't supply the cocoa or the handsome company. But with this beautiful driftwood lamp, at least you'll have the most atmospheric mood lighting whilst you daydream about your seaside getaway. And at £70 for a completely original piece, it won't put too much of dent in your holiday savings, either.

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