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Thursday 18 February 2010

Hotel Style: Wall Mounted Soap

I've only ever seen these wall mounted soaps in hotels, but not long ago we were asked if we could find some for their bathroom. This nifty soap from La Maison Bleue attaches to the wall so you don't get any gungy soap marks all over your sink. It's £31.50 and you can buy refills in sets of two for £12. It's about as close as my bathroom will get to looking like a swanky hotel.


  1. There's one of these in my favourite cafe but I've never used it because after lots of uses it looks very cracked and unappealing. It also has a very fishy smell for some reason. I stick to my little bottle of gel soap. Not as glam but less fishy!

  2. What an interesting idea!

    My mum and dad have a similar set up in their house - magnetic soap holders. There's a magnet on a kind of bracket attached to the wall and jutting out over the sink. And then a little steel disc with a serrated teeth on the back. You embed the teeth firmly in your soap and then "hang" the soap magnetically from the bracket. It works wonders. No idea where they got it from, but it stops that horrible mushy white back-of-soap effect. You can also use it with any soap you like.

  3. I have one of these - it does crack after a while and I keep banging my head on it while brushing my teeth - so be careful where you place it!


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