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Tuesday 9 February 2010

Bedtime Stories by Tiago de Fonseca

I spotted this Bedtime Stories bedding in a Valentine's Day post over on Home Shopping Spy, and for the last hour I've been contemplating storing my embroidered bedding and buying this little lot! It's so lovely.

Made by Tiago da Fonseca, the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Sleeping Beauty is printed on it, and it's made up of different sheets! Meaning that not only can you keep as warm or as cold as you want, but you've got heaps of stuff to read before lights out. The perfect excuse to get even more beauty sleep.


  1. Wow!That is brilliant. I'm gonna have to post about that too! And maybe buy it. Gorgeous :)

  2. It's adorable. It would be really nice to have a throw to put on my reading chair too.


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