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Tuesday 9 February 2010

Sluttery Travels: A la Mère de Famille

As you might have heard, some of the Domestic Sluts were on a weekend to Paris this weekend. Aside from eating all of the bread and cheese we could find, and making sure Alex saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time, we also popped the A la Mère de Famille. Paris' oldest sweet shop. How could we not be seduced by it? After plotting it on our map, we actually found it by accident, just strolling around. Here's some of the stuff we found:

Mmmmm tasty jam.

I bought one of these. They had tasty truffles and heart-shaped Smartie sweets in them!

Has anyone ever tried glazed fruits? I also think they look better than they'll taste. But they're ever so pretty.

And the decor isn't bad either.

There's some gorgeous treats in A la Mère de Famille, and I'm so pleased we found it. It's not cheap, but the chocolate was amazing. You'll find branches of A la Mère de Famille throughout Paris, but they're flagship shop is at 35 rue du Faubourg Monmartre. It was smaller than we expected, but it's charming and so quintessentially Parisian.


  1. I got sweeties envy - I wish I bought that heart thing you had instead of my boring bar of chocolate :-(

  2. I've had glazed fruits and they are indeed as sticky and delicious as they look! I love them :) MMmm... dribble... I'm so jealous of your recent sojourn!

  3. Yeah, your bar of chocolate did look a little uninteresting. But I shared my heart-shaped smarties with you!

    Must try glazed fruits, Helen!


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