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Thursday 25 February 2010

Drink me! Disney Couture at Accessories Online

I know everyone is excited by the new Alice in Wonderland. But nothing will beat the 50s original for me. The White Rabbit is my favourite. So adorable. And I've always loved the idea that you can drink a magical potion and become tiny enough to fit down a rabbit hole. Lewis Carroll is a genius and the original illustrated Alice manuscript happens to be on display at The British Library at the moment.

Disney Couture could have so easily been like jewellery for kids. But luckily, with pieces like this 'drink me' bottle necklace, it's really rather wonderful. I'm not a fan of the whole range, but this piece is very special. The cork is removable so you can keep secret things in the bottle. Like magical potions to make you tiny. It's £29.95 from Accessories Online.

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