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Wednesday 24 February 2010

Kitchen classics: Skyline utensils

I fondly remember these (now) retro Skyline utensils from both my mum and my granny's kitchens, in fact I'm pretty sure that Mum's potato masher is still going strong. Lakeland have resurrected these classics, updating them with polypropylene handles to replace the original wooden ones.

The starter kit is made up of five basics: Round Ladle, Straining Spoon, Fish Slice, Measuring Spoon and Masher. Even better, it comes with its own hanging rack and is on sale at half price, for £9.99. You can also build up your own collection piece by piece, from £1.99 - now, what's a Batter Whip and do I need one?


  1. My mum still has the originals! Haha

  2. Yep, my mum has too! But I like the nostalgia about these. Bargain too!

  3. oooh! I've been looking for some nice utensils! these might just be the ones! :)


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