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Thursday 18 February 2010

Book Review: How to Be Gorgeous by Nicky Hambleton-Jones

This book's full title is a bit of a mouthful: How to be Gorgeous: Wear It Your Way and Feel Like a Goddess Every Day. So henceforth let's just refer to it as How to..., shall we? It was given to me as a belated Christmas gift (it came out to coincide with wardrobe-related New Year's resolutions at the start of last month). And although I'm usually ever so cynical about books like this, this one actually seems to be stylish but practical – a useful combination for ladies like me who accumulate style guides only to read them once and then abandon them on the bookshelf forever more.

How to... is basically a fashion guide book which talks you through popular trends, with lots of photo examples, and explains ways which you can wear each one and adapt them to suit your personal style. By advising you to find your own interpretations of each look, you're more likely to be comfortable and confident with the results.

There's a broad range of styles to experiment with, but chances are, unless you're a fickle fashionista indeed, you'll only be interested a maximum of two or three. Some you'll be downright distressed at the idea of. Or I was, at least. 'Sports Luxe'? Moi? I hardly think so! But some, like 'Grown-Up Glamour' are full of handy hints on common pitfalls to avoid, so you can be confident that you'll look more class than trash.

It's £11.49, reduced from £20, at Amazon. If you're an avid reader of the glossy fashion magazines, you'll probably already know all its tips and tricks. But if you're easily flummoxed by trends and want a reference guide as well as advice on combining certain accessories and styles, then this is about the same price as a couple of issues of Vogue, and much more accessible and useful too.


  1. I have an aversion to N H-J because of my intense dislike of 10 Years Younger and all it stands for. Still, this book sounds a bit better. 'Personal style'... better than botox any day.

  2. It does seem strange that she's writing this (is there a plastic surgery section?) I wish her show would reflect the style elements of this book, instead of heading straight for the scalpel...

  3. I noticed on the programme that you could guess what the " victim " would be wearing merely by looking at the attire of N.H-J

    I was a personal shopper in a previous life and not all women look good in belts!

    If the book is used as a confidence booster for those that need it, fair play.

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies! Yup, I was cynical before I read it, but this book is very different in tone and style to her others - maybe NJH is getting soft in her old age! And it seems very much about confidence and wearing things you're comfortable in, which I suppose is what the TV programmes were about in their own heavy-handed, surgery-advocating way!

  5. What was her top tip Jane?

    Did you take any of it on board?

    I read an old one by good old Ms.Collins years ago.
    Quite possibly took TOO much in.... classics hats and scarves. Oh and too much slap.( moi)

  6. Sorry for the delay in replying Mrs.Lee, only just seen this! To be honest, altho she did have some good idea about not overdoing it on accessories (a frequent mistake of mine), and carefully choosing statement items for each look and then pairing it with things you already own but probably wouldn't think to combine, I'm probably not the right audience - as I'm quite stubborn about personal style, and think (maybe mistakenly, but even so!) that I have a decent knowledge of what suits me and what doesn't. But for someone who wants to experiment, it is useful. I like the idea of the Ms. Collins one tho!


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