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Thursday 4 February 2010

Interview: Gisèle Scanlon, Goddess Guide

We recently shared some of the Domestic Sluts favourite books with you and one of the books that we all unanimously loved is Gisèle Scanlon's Goddess Guide, as Siany mentioned. I'll admit it, I almost let out a squeal when I saw my copy of her new gorgeous tome, The Goddess Experience II - new out in paperback and with lots of new material.

So why is it so special? Yes, her books are aspirational but they're also inspirational, written by a girl who's followed a dream to make a spectacular career path for herself which any of us could envy. She's gone from a rookie journo in Ireland at the bottom of the fashion ladder to becoming a respected catwalk reporter and travel writer, and then a best-selling author on her first attempt. Gaaah. My eyes are even greener than normal.

But why do we love her? Because not only does she think anyone can achieve the same mind-boggling success that she has, with hard work, but that they 'should try without delay'! Reading Goddess Guide II is like telling your best friend that you're going to Paris for the weekend and she immediately starts to reel off lists of hidden vintage shops, where the best skin care is to be found, and just which macaron chef is the one to go for - it's invaluable and infused with enthusiasm and you genuinely feel like she wants you to be happy along with her. We were thrilled to have a chat with the lady herself earlier this week - and she shared some more of her secrets with us! Read on and then get a copy of the book: curl up on the sofa with your poison of choice and devour...

You name over 1001 micro-pleasures in the new Goddess Experience - what are your own micro-pleasures?

New shoes - I have a new love affair with my feet after having the genius shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood explain to me for the book what goes into making a great pair of shoes. Also backstage at Paris fashion week I learned that models use Tiger balm and socks to keep feet really smooth. Um, outside of my feet, I love Barry's breakfast tea (good 'cos it's Irish), nice notebooks and pens (I've spend aaaaages looking for this one) and fragrance and....oh and great jeans (my Kate Moss for TopShop ones are like a second skin).

What's new on your Happy List?

Looking good for next to nothing, it's a no-brainer. I met Daphne Guinness for this new book and asked her about her signature look, specifically her shoes (she has them handmade). Anyway in conversation she explained that she has her signature leggings recut in New York loads of times and it costs next to nothing. This really made me happy, she's wealthy and uber stylish and the thoughts that I could look hot as a hooker for a mere 50p kept me up at night for weeks with excitement in anticipation of putting those pages together. Also on my Happy List are pink Kit Kats, chunky cocktail rings and dirty (slightly flawed, dirt cheap) diamonds (I've put good contact numbers and names in the book for these, shhhh!)

What is your luxury?

I've loads... a great book, lipbalm, the scented sleeves on my favourite cashmere sweater, fresh bed linen, a run in the park, a bowl of fresh cherries. A glass of cool water.

Which designers are you excited about at the moment?

Cliche I know but the young hotties are what I wear...Alexander Wang, Louise Grey (out of London), Burberry Prorsum, Erin Wasson for RVCA. There's one for the next book who is particularly amazy that I'd rather stay stum about...oh and the headpieces of Kat Swank make me weak at the knees. Courtney Love orders a lot from her, there' s a gang of them upcycling and making beautiful work and they're all easily contacted on Twitter. I've all their details in the book in the new vintage section. Oh and Whistles on the high street are going to do huge things this season (if I were a betting gal, I'd put my house on them).

How is your personal style influenced by all the travelling that you do?

You get to see something on the street as a street style trend waaay before it hits the high street (harem pants in Berlin two years ahead of London as an example.) When I brought a pair back from Germany in 2007, friends laughed... now you can't move without tripping over them.

You've interviewed fabulous people for the book. Who most surprised you, and why?

Renee Zellweger springs to mind... she loved being voluptuous for the part of Bridget Jones, loved filling beautiful lingerie but has to lose all of the weight just as quickly because of the 'pressures of Hollywood'. Bit lame. I told her as much. I left her out, couldn't be doing with it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm a serious runner and I love being fit and lean but I do it for myself, not because of the pressures of any industry. Regarding fashion designers my background is predominantly in fashion, art and travel so I can bang on to designers a lot about this stuff. Some designers are pure tortured geniuses/fragile, some are flamboyant and flawed. I love them all and I do know one thing for sure...most of the good ones have some kind of psychic link to my subconscious, as they always know what I want before I do.

What one thing makes your house a home?

My diary, I carry it with me everywhere. When I lay it down at home, I'm home. I'd be lost without it. I'm constantly adding to it, scribbling in little things. It's the one thing I'd rescue if my house were on fire (um, after the boyfriend of course).

Thanks, Gisele! You should all go and buy The Goddess Experience now. It's fabulous.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Gisele! And what a FABULOUS blog! Warmly, Kat Swank

    LIAISON by Kat Swank


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