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Thursday 11 February 2010

London's the place (mat) for me

Far, far too pretty to be covered up with dinner plates are these London landmarks place mats made by London Kills Me. They're made from reclaimed slate that's been hand-printed with sweet sketch-like illustrations of some of the capital's most famous buildings. The buildings selected range from back in the days of yore with the Tower of London to more contemporary icons like the Gherkin and the London Eye. You can get a set of four from Rockett St George for £42 (which seems quite a lot but I guess is only over a tenner each).

However, if you do decide to actually use them for putting under plates, you'll have to put some thought into what food is worthy to be served on them. Unless you have the skills of the Good Food Channel to recreate the skyline in vegetables, I suggest a little capital sport in attempting some landmark themed dishes...

For example, on the mat shown at the bottom of the photo which features the Gherkin and the Tower of London, perhaps you could serve an egg and soldiers (with a side order of gherkin, obviously)? Or, for the place mat showing Battersea Power Station, how about some electric eel that's, of course, battered? Birds Eye's finest fish fingers to sit atop the London Eye? And, finally, some sardines for Cannery/Canary Wharf?

The culinary (or punning) merits of that little menu aren't terribly convincing so, if you've any better ideas for London landmark based dishes, please feel free to suggest them. Otherwise it looks like my friends may never want to stop for dinner again, pretty place mats or not!

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