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Thursday 25 February 2010

Chic (Not Crazy) Cat Lady: Alessi Tigrito Pet Bowls

Riddle me this. You love your kitty, but you're definitely not a crazy cat lady. You recognise the need to lavish love, affection, toys and tasty cat treats on your much-adored pet, but you also want your home to stay looking stylish, and not end up looking like a circus, pet shop or wild animal's lair. So what's a design-conscious lady to do?

Why, invest in these Alessi Tigrito cat bowls, of course. The stainless steel bowls are removable for easy cleaning, and the stand's tail acts as a convenient handle. Meaning your kitty can feel like king of the castle, but you can rest assured that your home still looks swish. They come in a range of other colours, and cost £38.95, from Beth Stevens.


  1. I have this, but in turquoise. I think I love it more than my cats do, though.

  2. Thanks embellished - as long as you love it, that's what counts!


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