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Thursday 11 February 2010

Pierre Herme Macarons

On our whirlwind trip to Paris (ahem, sorry, we'll stop talking about it soon) I had two destinations in mind. Firstly, the rather wonderful Entree des Fournisseurs is a very pretty but kinda pricey Aladdin's cave of haberdashery. After that, we walked up to join a long queue of very chic Parisiens - in search of the best macarons in Paris.

Ironically enough, Pierre Herme's first UK outlet opened the very same weekend, in Selfridges in London. He is famous for his gourmet macaroons filled with unusual combinations. Mogador, the speckled yellow one with chocolate filling, has a zingy passionfruit filling. The most visually impressive was the Marron & Thé Vert Matcha - the metallic bronze chestnut flavour macaron had a layered filling with a green tea centre. We also sampled the Magnifique, which is raspberry and wasabi, and Fragola, which mixed strawberries with balsamic vinegar.

Are they the best? Well it's hard to say. I think that they are certainly as tasty as Ladurée, with more off-the-wall combinations. I still like the pretty packaging from Ladurée, in all its rococo glory. Pierre Hermé's creations would be a great gift for a foodie who'd appreciate the expertise that goes into the ever-changing, seasonal selections. Perhaps we need to have a blind tasting-session... Have you tried them?

Selfridges: Individual macarons are £1.70 each for 1-3, after that sold by weight; or in boxes of 7 for £14 or boxes of £22 for 12. Add Image


  1. I cannot wait for Pierre Herme to open his shop in Knightsbridge this summer. The macarons are divine but oh, the cakes are to die for... He dares such amazing combinations!

    He did a foie gras with a chocolate center (not sugary, just cacao notes) for Christmas. Splendid. He finds just the right balance...

  2. Why do they have to look so poisonous?

  3. @Chocoralie That sounds exciting - or terrifying? But then again, the wasabi might seem ill advised and yet it was perfectly balanced. I guess that's his talent!

    @Anonymouse - that photo is particularly bright, it's true. Perhaps that's why the packing is plain...

  4. I like that they're so brightly coloured! There is a real science to making macaroons (having messed up several batches myself I know this to be true). I like the garish shades. The remind me of science classes at school.

  5. They are fantastic.... Green Tea & Black seasame much recommended!


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