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Tuesday 9 February 2010

Key to my heart

These porcelain keys from Nonesuchthings couldn't have arrived at a better time. After Domestic Slut Alex and I found ourselves in an antique shop in Paris, we cooed over these rather lovely things:

And then discovered how old they were. And indeed, how much they were. But our love for all things key-shaped hasn't wained. So I'm looking at the more affordable (but no less pretty) versions from Nonesuchthings. They're a lucky dip, so you have no idea which one you'll get and they're on ribbon for tying to door handles, or around your neck. You can buy them in a box of five as well, but I like them on their own.

As they're only £7.25 each, they're the perfect present. And much more affordable than the Tiffany ones I showed you a little while ago. Keys are such an interesting thing. They're all individual. They represent our homes. They're special.

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