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Friday 5 February 2010

Perfect Papercuts

We love Rob Ryan, of course we do. But he can't be the only paper-cutting genius, can he? There must be more! I went on a hunt to find some more, just so you're spoilt for choice:

This heart papercut card is by Sylvie Howitt. I love the Celtic design, and the rivers in the heart detail that look like veins. It's only £2.50 which makes it the perfect Valentine's card.

I can't help but love this Autumn Kiss papercut. It's the whole foot kicking thing that reminds me of An Affair To Remember. Nothing more romantic than a foot kick. This is an original papercut from Tina Tarnoff and it'll set you back $70.

I can't quite believe that this feather art is a papercut! It looks like ink! It's stunning and only $35 from PaperCutDieCut.

OK so Jenny Lee Fowler is amazing. This isn't a papercutting! It's made from a leaf! How fabulous is that?! It's $65 and you have to make sure frame it and keep it out of sunlight. It's too pretty for its own good. Don't ruin it.


  1. Love the feather one and the foot kicking one is very nice too.

  2. The feather is amazing and well worth more than $35, the leaf I could have done and charged a tenner=) And so could anybody reading this for that matter=)

  3. I'm not convinced it's that easy...

  4. Made a couple, was easy. If you draw your outline onto tracing paper and lay it over the leaf, then cut both out together, it cuts just fine. Cutting the leaf on it's own means the scissors just slice through willy nilly.
    The hardest part is finding a suitable leaf in February=)

  5. You also need to check out MrYen, he's a graphics student and his papercuts are brilliant:

  6. We wrote about MrYen a little while back :-)


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