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Thursday 1 July 2010

Guest Post: Ria from About Your Dress talks Terrific Typography

As an aspiring writery-type person, I like words. It stands to reason, therefore, that I should like letters, as letters make up words (are you keeping up so far?) and if you're clever, you could also deduce that I like things which make letters into words. What's that you say? Things like, for example, typewriters? You're right! Well done you. Give yourself a firm pat on the back and have a cup of tea.

Unfortunately, the technological advancements of the Modern Age have all but made the lowly typewriter obsolete. Very sad times for the typewriter, but not for a number of clever crafty people on Etsy who have used the machine's sad demise to strip it for parts and turn these into pretty! There are a lot of Etsy shops selling jewellery made from vintage keys, but I have kindly trawled through these to bring you the best available. I know, I know, I'm a giver.

Both Precious Pastimes and Keys and Memories have a wide range of customisable letter jewellery available in pendant, bracelet and ring form, but I especially love this Vintage Typewriter Key Pendant and Sweet Sparrow on a Silver Chain necklace ($26 plus $6 P&P from Precious Pastimes)

And these awesome Black Interrobang Vintage Typewriter Key earrings ($22 plus $3 P&P from Keys and Memories):

In case you're unfamiliar, this is how you use an interrobang: "What do you mean, you don't know what an interrobang is?

I also found a couple more creative ways of breathing life back into retired typewriter keys. Check out these Antique Typewriter Wine Glass Charms from All Strung Out Jewellery:

They're a little on the pricey side at $55 plus $3.50 P&P, but they'd make a lovely original gift for someone special (and are a great way of making sure you don't accidentally take a sip from the glass of your friend who's just coming down with a bad cold). The shop owner, Laureen, also takes special orders so you can choose which keys you'd like, and all orders over $25 come with a fabric gift bag handmade by her mother-in-law. Sweet!

As someone who tends to have about five books on the go at once, and uses anything from scrap paper to peoples' business cards to keep my page, this X Marks the Spot bookmark from The Key of A caught my eye faster than you can say "Oh, that looks like a really good idea":

Best of all, it's an absolute bargain at $9.50. Postage is an additional $5.20, but as each extra item you order only increases this cost by $1 I'd be tempted to buy several as birthday presents for all my bookwormy friends.

Lastly, I found this lovely Steampunk Feather Hairclip with Wooden Backspace Key for just $12 plus $8 P&P over at Inspire A Shine - a fabulous addition to an outfit for a special night out:

Feeling inspired? Think you can do any better? Why not scour eBay for an old typewriter or a set of keys and make your own? There be gold in them there letters!

This was a guest post from the gorgeous Ria of About Your Dress. You can read her blog here, or follow her on Twitter here. We recommend both.

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