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Thursday 2 August 2012

Etsy Pick: Catherine Summers

I've been waiting very patiently for Catherine Summers to come back from her holiday and open her Etsy shop doors again. The day after I discovered her work, she went on holiday! So then I could show you this giraffe egg cup.

It's only £4.50! I want boiled eggs and soldiers immediately.

This handsome hare espresso cup and saucer is just £12.

The crowned owl mug is a tenner. Damn, this shop is brilliant.

Who wants a bulldog sugar bowl? I do! I do! Especially when it's only £15.

There are so many more designs to choose from and Manchester-based Catherine bases her drawings on people who have been influential in her life. Know her? You could be a pug dog! Or a duck on a milk jug! But don't ask, she won't tell you.

I think Catherine's work is gorgeous, but so brilliantly priced as well. I'm all for mad animals on my ceramics and these are really excellent. I hope she found lots more people to turn into animals while she was away.

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  1. These are really fine pieces. I have a habit of mentally assigning animals to people I know (unbeknownst to them) all in good humour of course. I would absolutely love an owl mug of myself but I do not know Ms. Summers personally. Cheers for introducing us to Catherine Summers.


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