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Thursday 9 August 2012

Irregular Choice rings = SUPER AWESOME!

It's Magic, £9.99
We're great fans of Irregular Choice here at Domestic Sluttery: incredibly creative shoes and accessories that frequently fly off cackling into the unicorn realms of insanity and are all the better for it.

I'm always so blinded by gratitude at their doing a size 9 that I never pay attention to the non-shoe element of their offering, but while having a trawl through their new line I was knocked sideways by the awesomeness of their cocktail rings.
Two Can, £19.99

This takes me straight back to my childhood, and playing with Plaster of Paris. A toucan is a wonderful thing.

Doll House, £9.99
What doll would live in a house like this? I like to imagine it would be 80s Barbiturate-Crazed Barbie.

Mini Tweet, £8.50
This is incredibly sweet. Everyone loves an owl - God knows we do - and this is decorative without being mindblowingly over the top. If you want a mindblowingly over the top owl, scroll further down.
Mr Fish, £15, also available in blue
When I was 19 I had a goldfish lamp that looked almost exactly like this. I don't why you think that should be an endorsement, but I really, really loved that lamp, and I'm getting slightly tearful just thinking about it.
Pandora, £35
It's a panda! For your finger! It's a FINGERPANDA! Apart from the fact it's £35, I don't know what there isn't to love about it.
Raja, £35
We are now getting into the really mental section of the rings.
Sitting Pretty, £15
My favourite joke: "Why don't owls make love in the rain?" "Because it's too wet to woo."

I have genuinely never seen such a sparkly owl.
Cockadoodledoo, £15
I can't stand this, but I KNOW someone will and I love the fact that it exists at all.

So there you have it - bonkers and beautiful, and most at a pocket money, rather than payday, price. If that's whetted your appetite for bling, check out our favourite cocktail rings.


  1. Oh my god I WANT TO WEAR THEM ALL AT ONCE! I became so hysterical at this post that I laughed out loud at your owl joke.

  2. Oh goodness me. Usually I hate Irregular Choice, but I really quite adore these.

  3. Adorable! Shame my sausage fingers would not do them the justice they deserve!

    1. Nonsense, I'm sure they'd look lovely on you. (PS you have an excellent balcony.) (I clicked through to your blog, I'm not stood outside your home.)

    2. I have long spindly fingers and massive rings look ludicrous on me. Doesn't stop me wearing them. If I'm wearing a toucan ring, that's already quite ludicrous.

  4. When I first heard that joke I laughed for 15 minutes and then slid quietly off a sofa.

    Closely followed by "What do you call an alligator in a vest?" "An investigator."

  5. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I'm so giddy today. More jokes! My favourite is "Why does Edward Woodward have four 'd's in his name?" "Because otherwise he'd be Ewar Woowar."

    FULLY hysterical now.

  6. I've been ogling the rings in Irregular Choice for ages...the problem is that there are just too many I can't choose between! I hadn't seen the cockateel though....maybe he should be the lucky one I chose?!


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