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Thursday 9 August 2012

Tina Tsang's Paradise Cake Stands

Earlier this week, Frances and I went to see Swan Lake at London's Colosseum. It was bloody brilliant. I didn't entirely understand all of it and I think I've realised that sometimes the dancers aren't actually telling any story, they're just dancing about and being all 'look what I can do! I'm a swan!' and I'm perfectly OK with that.

The staging was absolutely glorious (the bonus to having ten quid nosebleed seats is that you can see everything). The lake settings were particularly beautiful. There's something about these Tina Tsang  Paradise cake stands that reminded me a bit of the lake. Because there's nothing like a ceramic lake of cream to make you think of beautiful people dancing so fast that you think they might pass out. (Look, there's a swan on a lake, shut up.)

OK, rabbits have nothing to do with Swan Lake, but there's a swan and lot of sweets. Look at the sweets, eat them while you dance and prance around the room.

Let's watch them being all a flutter:

Tina's new pieces are all available from her shop Undergrowth Designs with prices starting at £43. Now, who wants to join me for some cake and a bit of a pirouette around the office?

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