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Tuesday 7 August 2012

The Something... Relaunch

When Domestic Sluttery was very young, we had a bit of a street party on Lambs Conduit Street in London's Bloomsbury. It even gets a mention in Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway (the street, not the party). We hosted our very first shopping event at Something... and I was truly gutted when I learnt that they had to close their doors. They've now relaunched their website and I'm thrilled. It's a great mix of vintage and accessories and very lovely things, just like their shop.

I love this 40s tea set and Something... suggest you pile those plates high with cucumber sandwiches. It's £65 and I think I shall.

I really want this farmyard ring. It's HUGE and it's got three goats in it. This is the best ring ever. None of my other jewellery has goats in it. It also gives me an excuse to show you the best goat video ever. Goat excuses aren't easy to find y'know. Meet Buttermilk:

Where was I? Oh yes, pretty things. I've run out of goat excuses.

This blue cake stand is crying out for a gorgeous Victoria sponge. I really love glass cakes stands. There's a small one for £12, and a large for £22. No one wants small cake.

Coin purses are great, but we'd still like somewhere to put our credit cards (five points to the first person to tell me to cut mine up and put them in the bin). This leather coin purse is such a luscious green, and there's space to put your cards. Love it.

Something... I've really missed you.


  1. GOAT RING! I love it! I've got two unicorn rings but I think I need to add some real animals to my collection.

    1. And what better animals than goats?

    2. Kittens? Now I want a kitten ring! With a bundle of kittens playing with some wool! I'd have the most adorable finger in south London.

  2. Love the purse! That green is delicious and the secret zippered bit is ACE!


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