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Tuesday 7 August 2012

The Boy and his Poison: The Mobile Lush

I'm constantly envious of the travel finds of my friends and colleagues. Whether it's a previously undiscovered bolt-hole or a divine but affordable foreign destination, the Sluttery gang are my location scouts of choice. The only problem is that once they blog about their finds the rooms tend to disappear quicker than Olympic tickets, leaving disorganised misanthropes like me trying to make the best of a cobbled together staycation.

So this year, to alleviate the potential misery of autumn rain, traffic-jams and train journeys I set about looking for equipment to mobilise my cocktail making and enhance even the dullest of travels.

Collapsible shot glass and hip flask
First of my finds was a compact but beautifully formed collapsible shot glass and hip flask combo. Fill up the flask with your liquor of choice (in my case gin, a dash of vermouth and some orange bitters) dump it in your freezer for a couple of hours before you head off to your railway station or your partner-chauffered car and relax as your journey becomes infinitely more enjoyable. (£12.94)

Cocktail Bitters Traveler’s Set
Bitters are an incredible way of enhancing so many different spirits and form the backbone of many of my favourite cocktails. Sian's already featured this travel bitters kit (and I'm a little bitter about it) but a travelling booze set would be all the poorer without giving it another mention. (£17.94)

Bartenders Choice App
Admittedly you don't want to lug around a cocktail book for your holiday reading so putting this fantastic app on your phone before you head off is a great way of having access to hundreds of recipes sorted by spirit and style of drink. (£1.99)

Cocktail Travel Kit (pictured above)
Ok, this one may be a little excessive but I imagine it would be an ideal set on a stay-away somewhere. With a shaker, mixing stick, two size measuring cup, cocktail strainer, ice bucket and ice tongs it even has a shoulder strap should the need take you to go cocktail-hiking. (£75)

Funkin Mixer pouches
Usually I'm no fan of pre-made mixes to add to drinks, but for what they are these taste great. The fact you can just throw a bunch of them in a suitcase and have instant classics at the squeeze of a pouch and a quick stir makes them perfect for cheering up even the longest of train journeys. (From £5.38)

Thermos Flask
It keeps things hot, and it keeps gin cold. Its a humble bit of equipment, but fill it full of ice cold gin or vodka from your freezer before you go and you'll have perfectly chilled G&Ts on your walks and picnics. Be careful though, as you won't be needing ice they'll pack far more of a punch. (£6.99)

Do drink and travel responsibly. Train gins are great, motorway mojitos are not.

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  1. A friend picked up one of those mobile bars at a vintage show for his 1991 hurricane-damaged Rolls Royce. Good times.


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