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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: Hackney Empire

How mad do you think my housemates would be if they came home from work and I'd papered the walls with badgers and raccoons? Very mad? Really really mad? Or mad for a little while before realising that a bush baby is playing an accordion in the corner?

I really want it to be option C. This Hackney Empire wallpaper blows every single animal wallpaper out of the water.

Which is cuter, the banjo-playing squirrel or the sloth with a shisha pipe? This looks like the most fun party ever - it's all very David Attenborough meets Alice in Wonderland, isn't it?

I actually think I prefer the red design, but once it had gone up (when my housemates were in the pub), I think the ochre version would look better. It's £148 a roll, which sounds super expensive but My Deco very helpfully tell you that that will give you five square metres of coverage - that's actually quite a lot of bush baby action.

And most importantly, your walls will have armadillos on them.


  1. Oh the sweet baby Jesus this is good! No amount of squealing and pointing out all the animals to Him Indoors is going get it approved though....Will have to use it to line a wardrobe or something!

    1. I'll just leave a link to their fabric here:

  2. I agree with you, ochre version will give such a great look.


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