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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Build Your Own Lego Calendar

Office desks. Sometimes they're properly dull aren't they? Most of the time you don't even get your work done. Instead you read mass emails that have nothing to do with what your job, but Kenneth in Accounts can't work out what 'Reply All' means and thinks it's really important that everyone knows not to touch his mug and spoon when they make tea thank you very much. Pah.

We've already found Moomins to keep you entertained but if your boss catches you playing with them, we're guessing they wouldn't be too happy. They can't tell you off for playing with this bit of Lego though. You're not playing - you're rearranging your calendar! Yes! Once a month you have a legitimate excuse to ignore that pesky spreadsheet and play for a bit. You can add bits to it and arrange it however you like. And it's infinitely reusable which wins environmentally friendly brownie points. I think this is probably the best £9.99 you can spend to enhance your working day and I want one immediately.


  1. That would be very cool but I'd sit taking it to pieces and rebuilding it rather than doing any work!

  2. Does skateboarding Lego Man come with?

  3. I can think of several people that would enjoy this. Potential Christmas presents? (or is it still too early to officially be thinking of that?)

  4. I was bought one of these for my birthday. Does make you look forward to coming to work on the beginning of the month!

    Yes you get skateboard dude and cheerleading chick with it!


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