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Monday 1 February 2010

Jolly brollies by London Undercover

Why does it always rain on me? 'Cos I live in England, that's why. London, to be exact. But I can keep those raindrops from falling on my head with London Undercover's range of jolly brollies that have restored the humble umbrella as the quintessentially British fashion statement it used to be.

All of their umbrellas are made from recycled materials, meaning not only can you protect your hair but the environment, too.

You don't have to live in London to take cover under iconic images like this:

Fish & Chips umbrella (wrapped in newspaper, of course).

A mouthwatering full English Breakfast trimmed with a classic gingham table-cloth check.

And if looking up into the foodie-themed linings of the previous two brollies will just make you ravenous with hunger, try The Commuter: a smart navy pinstripe umbrella lined with the cult District Line & Circle Line Tube and Bus seat pattern from the 1970s.

The Classic umbrellas cost £60 each and the Slim Walkers cost £50, all available from London Undercover.

Open one of these brollies next time it rains and you'll be showered with compliments.


  1. Love the fish and chips one! With the amount of rain we get, £50 is a decent investment, right? :)

  2. I ALWAYS break expensive things down on a 'per wear' basis so yes, with the amount it rains in this country, it'll work to 2p per usage. Or something.x

    PS The fish 'n' chips one is my fave, too.


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