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Monday 1 February 2010

La Maison Des Savons

After a lovely little stroll through Fortnum & Mason last week, Alex and I discovered the pampering wonder that is La Maison Des Savons. Look! Candles shaped like macaroons! They look exactly like the real thing (save for the wick sticking out of the top).

La Maison Des Savons do all sorts of delectable treats like this. We spotted macaroon soaps as well - just the perfect size. Maybe even too fancy to use. The boys in Domestic Sluttery HQ just wouldn't quite understand the prettiness of them.

It's not just macaroons that get the Savons treatment. Licorice Allsorts, fancy chocolates, and marshmallows all get turned into smelly things for your body as well as your bathroom. Prices vary, but all of them smell lovely. You should be able to pick up a couple of macaroon soaps for a few pounds at F&M. Just don't try and eat them.

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