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Friday 5 April 2013

Dream Dress: Sika Designs

I'm really sorry, I've been keeping Sika a secret. They're actually based near Sluttery HQ in Greenwich and over the years I've seen them grow from a little pop-up shop (back when pop ups were cool) into a permanent fixture. And now there's a very fancy Sika range in Liberty prints. Brilliant.

Alas, the seven Liberty pieces are making me sad with their pricey prettiness (the dresses are a couple of hundred and I don't have a couple of anything). But, with a little bit of saving, I can afford a gorgeous dresses in their boutique range.

The dresses in the boutique kick around the £100 mark (some do quite high kicks, like the pretty girl at school). A little more expensive than something we'd usually feature, but gosh they're well made. The cotton is heavy - these aren't flimsy dresses, there's too much structure in the designs.

Don't laugh at her hair, look at the beautiful lace dress instead. All of the dresses are handmade in Ghana, and the website cleverly shows you how much stock is left in each size. Damn, I wish more websites would do this.

Everything is available to buy online, but if you're in London do visit the gorgeous Greenwich boutique soon. It's right next to the food market - you should go and say hello to Ruby Tuesdays as well.


  1. Sika are great - I have a dress in the turquoise and bronze print above and always get so many compliments - I've worn to a black tie at Savoy, wedding, birthday party so cost per wear it's great value!

    1. I've got a couple of weddings later this year, I think I'm going to have to invest! It's been lovely to watch their journey over the last few years.

  2. I have just discovered this through a 'related' link, so pleased that I did. Heading straight over're not doing much for my bank balance this month ladies


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