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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Sewing Bee-ify Your Space

As Sara predicted, last week's Great British Sewing Bee got me into a sewing frenzy and I cannot wait to sit down and watch Ann, Mark, Sandra and Patrick ... oh Patrick ... and co. get up to in tonight's episode. And, in the tradition established by the Bake Off, I spend as much time swooning over the interior and their tools as the things they are making. Seeing as my sewing abilities don't yet include being able to whip up a dress along with the show, I'm going to pay homage with some crafty interior choices.

Let's give out a collective swoon over the prettiness that is this Haberdashery wall mural by PiP Studio. It's decorated with all the threads and bows and bits and bobbins to keep a crafter happy for life. Sadly, priced at £180 for the panel, me having it remains as much as a fantasy as me having the skills of the Sewing Bee contestants.

Much more realistically priced is this button storage box. Perfectly sized for storing up some of your sewing stash, it's £18 from Habitat.

You'll need some of these cotton reel coat hooks for all those laundry bags you'll be whipping up. £19.95 will get you three from All Lovely Stuff.

Any avid seamstress in the making is very particular about her scissors, so I'd recommend this scissors mirror from Send Me Mirrors on Etsy. It's a snip (naturally) at £21.99.

Or really unleash your creativity with this Sewing kit wall sticker, designed by Ferm Living. The scissors and dotted lines come as separate stickers so you can place them exactly as you'd like. Unfortunately this looks to be from an old Ferm Living collection, so it's tricky to buy in the UK. Fear not! I've tracked it down to Gessato in the US where it costs just under £40, with around a further £6 for shipping to the UK. Definitely worthy of the final cut, but (and a 'seamless' link here) who will make the final cut tonight? I can't wait to find out!

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