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Thursday 25 April 2013

Perfect Spring Sunglasses

Following on from yesterday's pieces on perfect spring pencil skirts and easy transitional plus size dressing, one of our readers Little Macaroon made the very valid request: "Following on from your spring dressing code; may I request a line-up of affordable and wearable, on-trend sunglasses? Pretty please?"

The answer is yes! Yes you can! And also the slightly longer answer below.

I've long been of the opinion that I simply can't wear sunglasses. For two years I misguidedly tried oversized (Vivienne Westwood, thank you very much Brand Alley), cat's eye (Kat can't), and at sixth form in 2000 when aviators were still A Very Big Deal, I'd try on the sunglasses that looked so cool on my friends, and instantly get depressed at the fact my face had suddenly turned into a ginormous rock.

But the best, coolest and above all most suitable to everyone's face sunglasses cost FIVE POUNDS. And that is all.

These sunglasses!
Quite simply, if you want some absolutely kick-ass sunglasses that will protect your eyes and that you don't have to worry about keeping in a special case lined with guinea pig fur, Claire's Accessories sunglasses are the best things around.

They do a variety of different types, but these pseudo-Ray Bans are my very favourites. I had them in hot pink in 2009, and these matte, red rubber ones haven't left my face since I popped in a couple of months ago. When they're in my handbag, I keep them safely stored in the tiny carrier bag they came in - done.

What I love about Claire's sunglasses is that they come in such an astounding variety of colours and finishes and don't cost the earth. I could change mine every week if I were so inclined, but I'm quite lazy and attempting to be financially responsible, so I don't.

I might also get these lovely dark blue ones (also £5 - the only reason I didn't originally is that half my spring wardrobe is blue and I'd look like a ginger Smurf).

 I also adore coral and green - seriously, I'm stopping now before I screengrab every single colour.

Still in the £5 zone but a bit different - try these mirrored frosted turquoise numbers if you want to reinvent Top Gun.

The £5 sunglasses come in a rainbow of shades, but you get the picture - let's move up the price bracket to a WHOPPING SEVEN POUNDS.
You can get these Hello Kitty sunglasses which manage the impressive feat of being COVERED in HK print and not making every diabetic in the vicinity have a a terrible fit.

Love Fab ice creams? (ZZAPPS! WE MEAN ZAPS! THANKS BETH! XX) Well now you can wear them over your eyes. Mmm, delicious toffee multicoloured sunglasses.
And these palm tree and flamingo sunglasses are obviously completely bonkers, and yet I love them massively. Imagine how much joy you can impart to all those around you next time you go to the beach, just by wearing these sunglasses.


  1. Well that is not the answer I was expecting at all! Claire's? The place I veer violently away from lest my six year old daughter discover it and immediately morph into spangly diva tween turns out to be the answer to my sunglasses drought! Who'd'a thunk. I'm ordering a main of navy blue with a side order of flamingo...except it just started snowing...
    Thank you!!!

  2. I'm going to be an ice cream pedant and point out that I'm sure the multicoloured lollies of yore were called Zap?

  3. This is where I get annoyed that I wear prescription glasses and just can't pick up sunglasses to wear to match my outfit


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