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Tuesday 23 April 2013

Go Crazy for Paisie's Sunshine Jewellery

Along with getting "your colours done", "statement jewellery" is one of those pieces of fashion advice that brings a chill to my heart. It's usually coupled with suit jackets and discrete make-up, and everything designed to make going to work a lot less fun than it is already. But then I had a revelation. What if the statement your jewellery was making was "let's party!" or "let's have cake!", rather than "let's take ourselves very seriously"? I'm totally on message with that.

The beautiful jewellery collection at Paisie definitely is also all about the fun times. Somehow I only discovered Paisie this weekend, despite the fact it's:

a) British
b) reasonably priced
c) it sells something called the 'glitter kitten dress', a siren call to all Domestic Sluts if ever I heard one.

Their jewellery collection is bright and colourful and, with everything priced at £32 or under, you can make that statement without spending a bomb.

Like the Spring Blossom necklace shown above. Priced at £28, it's like wearing a bunch of colourful matches about your neck. And like the best statement pieces, it's the perfect thing to help you strike up a conversation, or should you be in need of a bad pun in your life.

This Golden Sunset necklace calls out for sunshine, rum and one of those wonderful maxi dresses we keep finding for you. Though I'm sure it would be just as glamorous on a supermarket run on a rainy Tuesday evening. It's £32.

This golden collar clip is all kinds of crazy wonderful. It looks like some kind of Schiaparelli-type creation you were lucky enough to inherit from your eccentric great-aunt. Instead it's a mere £22.

And we have a sweet to finish, in the form of this pastel collar necklace. It makes me want to paint my nails every single one of these colours. Or go and eat a vat of gorgeous ice cream. Or, for £32, I should probably just buy the necklace and be satisfied. The best statement to be making here? Yes please.


  1. "Glitter kitten dress" acted like a "THUNDERCATS! HO!" signal beamed into the air, bringing me here immediately.

    Their jewellery's so bright and wonderful. Perfect for the belated arrival of spring.

  2. Oh they're so damn GOOD. I really struggle to find any jewllery that I like enough to buy. One thing though - I really wish places would give a picture of it actually around someone's neck - so hard to judge the scale with online shops!

    1. Good point. Even giving the length doesn't really help, as I can't picture how it'll look on.

    2. Girls, a photo with the necklace on the neck coming right up! :P Paisie XXX


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