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Thursday 4 April 2013

Top Ten Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is one of the finest meals (of course, what I mean by breakfast is those great days where you don't have to go to work until the afternoon, not when you throw cereal down your freshly-ironed work clothes). Here are top ten breakfast recipes.

No, breakfast cups are our favourite brekkie recipe (though this full English breakfast loaf comes a close seond). While you've got your bake on, you could always make your own pretzels.

Cheesy muffins are perfect for breakfasts that are almost certainly lunch because you stayed under the duvet.

Vegetarian? Then we've got a few options - try our scrambled tofu recipe, or our huevos rancheros (you can also add chorizo and call them gypsy eggs). Or opt for the light and fluffy souffle omelette.

Have lots of hungover hungry mouths to feed? Want something a little different? Then kedgeree is a brilliant option. Or go for smoked salmon Benedict.

OK, sometimes we do have to grab breakfast as we run out of the door. But instead of cold toast, go for a chocolate muesli bite, or a cranberry cereal bar. (No, neither are that healthy really.)

French toast might just be the tastiest breakfast treat there is. Especially when it's all covered in berries that you're going to spill all over your bed sheets.

Need a hair of the dog? Then a breakfast martini is a fine choice. Look, it comes with toast! It's a balanced meal!

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