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Wednesday 24 April 2013

Plus Size Picks: Easy transitional Spring to Summer dressing

People in fashion throw around the word 'transitional' a lot. Burberry macs are transitional. Cropped trousers are transitional. Open toed shoes with tights are transitional (or a big mistake, depending on who you speak to). Pencil skirts are transitional. In normal person speak, transitional dressing is what you do between seasons when the weather has no idea what it's doing. It's what I did this morning when I put on a floral dress and sandals to start with, then looked out the window, thought better of it and added a leather jacket and ballet pumps instead.

Transitional dressing when you're plus size can be particularly tricky because one of the keys to it is layering, and not many plus size brands have caught on to the fact 'layering' can go beyond leggings and a tunic. I'm talking lightweight long-sleeved tops, little jackets that you can legitimately wear inside without someone saying "oh, not staying then?" and fabrics that don't stifle.

So I went on the hunt for some truly useful Spring-to-Summer finds in larger sizes, and found a few brilliant pieces that will help you to make the move towards warmer weather without freezing (or, indeed, boiling) to death...

By this time of year I am done with boyfriend cardigans and big slouchy jumpers. It's time to replace them with lightweight, form-fitting knits with 3/4 or rolled sleeves and soft drapes. Forever 21+ has a classic cream jumper for under £20 (Sizes 18 - 22) that will add just enough warmth without bulk. It'd be great with a pencil skirt or jeans.
Kat said earlier that M&S are really ramping things up this Spring and I have to agree. Their plus size collection goes a bit unloved - mostly because they don't really bother to put it in shops - but there are some lovely gems lying in wait online. This blouse (£29.50 in sizes 20 - 28) is a hat-tip to one of Spring's biggest trends (monochrome) and has a great androgynous feel. Plus if you believe all that stuff about how stripes work with body shape, vertical ones are a winner.
Since discovering jersey blazers, I've never looked back. This is exactly the type of jacket I mention above, the one you can get away with wearing inside when the idiots in charge of your office building put the air conditioning on far too high (just me?). Jersey is more casual that other blazer fabrics, but it's one step up from a cardigan in the smart stakes. Plus, heart print! It's crying out to be worn with denim, and is yours from Simply Be for £32, sizes 14 - 32.

This wouldn't be a Domestic Sluttery fashion post without a dress. This one is great for this time of year as it's got a slightly slouchy shape which means you can easily add a long-sleeved top and leggings underneath if the temperature drops. It would look equally nice with bare legs and flip-flops in a few months time. The simple shape has that lovely slouchy holiday vibe (who wants tight, restrictive shapes when the Sun is shining?) but it can be belted for a smarter look too. It's £29 from Very's So Fabulous range, in sizes 14 - 28.

Are culottes a thing now? It's all a bit Brownies flashback for my liking, but I had to include these because they are the ultimate transitional piece - all the glamour of a midi skirt without the fear you will flash your knickers in a gust of wind. Plus, only ASOS curve would ever have the guts to do them in sizes 18 - 26, in a tricky print (£40). They're bonkers, but I'm looking forward to seeing a brave lady give these a go.

If it's you, I want to see photos!


  1. LOVE the culottes or, as my mum calls them, "divided skirt".

    1. I'm so glad! I bookmarked them and kept going back thinking 'will they think I'm mad if I include these'? I think they work somehow. Especially if you watch the catwalk video.

  2. Ooh, I might have to look into that dress it could work as a maternity dress for me! However, the stripey blouse just makes me think referee I'm afraid..


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