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Thursday 11 April 2013

Sluttery Preview! Liberty AW13

I absolutely adore Liberty. When I'm meeting my friend Helen around there, it's usually so we can have a casual prowl around admiring all those gorgeous smells and stationery and jewels. To say nothing of that spectacular Christmas department.

This time though, I went for a prowl around their autumn/winter preview. I know it's months away, but given that it's hardly ice cream weather we may as well warm ourselves up with some pretty, pretty things. And no, we probably can't afford any of them, but that is what inspirational outfit matching is for, and that was done in SPADES!

Hurray for giant costume jewellery teamed with a solid knit! And that gorgeous Mother of Pearl skirt, woof. Seeing the amount of lovely outfits hanging on the walls gave me a real nudge that I should sort out my wardrobe into clumps of clothing to wear together. I love this outfit. I've just realised clumps is a terrible way to talk about my wardrobe.
Pro tip - for a high street equivalent to this gorgeous silk combination, turn your eyes to Monsoon. And clearly invest in some massive necklaces - as if we needed more incentive.
This sexy, sexy coat is by Jonathan Sanders. Another hurray for menswear! Women's coats rarely, if ever, fit me, so I spend most of my time going "Oh this? Yeah, 3/4 sleeves are totally in this season. And pretty much every season."
Liberty has gone stark, staring bonkers for glittery hairclips (thank you, Jennifer Behr) and glasses this year - I completely approve. Particularly when it means huge swathes of pretty blue crystals and other trinkety goodness.

So many gorgeous skirts. I picked up that lovely red mini, hiding in the middle - size 00 to 10, apparently. Let's hope they mean American sizing...
I love this so, so much. A-line! Midi! The pockets! Blue!
This jumper and enormous necklace combo is too good - particularly with that beautiful textured silk skirt.  I die. Speaking of blue, there was the most delicious Victoria Beckham dress on display, but it came out much too dark in the pictures.Just imagine perfection, and then go on a pilgrimage to Liberty later this year to moon over it.
 In good news for fans of the 90s, crystals are back. Hum, ok then.
Crocodiles, dinosaurs and elephants. Oh my. Liberty's jewellery is a fantastic place to shop: I've got lots of my friends presents from here, as you can usually find something wonderful without having to carve off an arm in order to buy it. Speaking of which...

There will now be a short pause while the enormity of these accessories sinks in.
The black ones in the bottom pic are the most gorgeous patent leather - my Liberty wallet, four years old and counting, is still going strong but looking rather past it. Am starting to save! And those lovely reds and patterned bags - mmm.
The menswear accessories are amazing. Those patterns aren't going anywhere, and that's great, because I clearly need every style of these Anonymous Ism socks. And those Missoni gloves. And the matching scarf. (I will get none of these things, sadly. *starts another savings account*
 Beautiful scarves, and this wolf pattern from Swash made me very pleased indeed. If you fancy splashing out on one of their current line, you can find their spring and summer collection here.

So, lots to look forward to in the autumn (sigh, if we get through summer first) and lots of inspiration for our wardrobes! I'm off to match my giant Mannikin necklace with my dad's old guernsey. Class.

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